Ihor Lebich

SEO-specialist, web-developer, internet-marketer


Keyword research

Keyword research is step #0 when it comes to creating content and promoting it on the web. You fail this part – and all your further efforts will lead to nowhere. It won’t matter how many backlinks you build to your site if you don’t know how people search for your product or service.

Content optimization

To reach your potential customers it is important to optimize your articles around the words they use. At the same time, each page on your website must serve a purpose and match the visitor’s intent. The searchers have a question – and you need to give them the answer as soon as possible.

On-page SEO

Once you have optimized your content for the users, it’s time to optimize it for the search engines as well. Following a basic on-page checklist will help search engines better understand what your content is about and what keywords you want to rank for.

Technical optimization

Nobody likes errors. Neither does Google. Make sure your website works perfectly.

  • eliminate site errors and fix load speed issues
  • take care of duplicated pages
  • add your website to GSC and GA
  • create a sitemap and robots.txt

Off-page SEO

Great, so you’ve built an error-free website that is optimized both for users and search engines, now it’s time to relax, right?

Not really. It’s time to promote your business. Create social media accounts, write guest posts for other blogs in your niche, communicate with other bloggers by commenting their articles.

Data tracking

If you cannot measure it – you cannot manage it.

Peter Drucker

All the previous steps require consistent tracking. This way you will have a record of your efforts vs your results.

About me

Personal information

My name is Ihor Lebich.  I’m an SEO and marketing specialist and provide services to small agencies and private marketers who need assistance with certain types of tasks.

I was born and currently live in Ukraine. In 2013 I received bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics. My first language is Ukrainian, however I also speak fluent Russian and English.


Personal traits

I am responsible and hard working. Client’s interests are always on the first place for me. Unlike most freelancers, who just want to get the job done and get paid, I always go one step further and try to help my client even if I’m not getting payed for it.


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